A Mystics Vengeance: Questers of the Staff of Power

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Monsters can no longer regen in the Overgrown Shrine for 3rd neut quest. The level 10 skald weapon can now backstab. Lowered the regen rate in Dismagi Caverns. Tweaked the stats on some of the circlets.

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Kryon Dragon can no longer regen itself to death. Changed the location of the Crystal Forest, also cut down the regen in the area slightly. Added a new level druid-2 roomer. Added two new druid-1 spells, a roomer and a tickdown spell. Tweaked the stats on spirit of the elephant. Upgraded disenchant slightly, also added a level ish priestly offense spell. Added a level priest-2 party heal, and changed the name of missionary healing. Fixed yetis and the mammoth rot worm so that they dispel the roar spell upon death.

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Added a high-level lim-1 eye item, I'll be adding more unlim mid-level ones later on. Tweaked the exp on Nahr's Castle illusions, since somehow they went back to their original values after I tweaked them before. Fixed the Venshire temple and bank, they now work properly. Priestly benediction and divine healing are now castable on yourself. Added lim-1 level spells for priest and druid to match the one for mages. Added several items from 1.

Fixed a problem with regeneration in the Black Quagmire. Added attack messages to the 5th neut questers, yay for metro! Added several new high level ear and neck items, several limited. Added level armor.

It is only available by building it from components, but it's worth it. Still to be revamped for 9th quest, but as a temporary measure it's in the game now.

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Upgraded the ac on plate lims, lowered the limit on Obsidian Jeweled Plate to 1. Also lowered the amount healed.

Sadhguru : Mysticism and Occult

Rusty golden keys now delete cleanup. Fixed an error with the scroll for shockwave. Added an arena to Nazareen, Tele-Arena style. Fixed the missionary quest area. Added potions of safe transport to the Venshire Temple shop. Raised the bs damage on Runed Onyx Masamune slightly. Added a high-level mage-2 area stunner, as well as tweaking the level on deafening serenade and making it bard Upped AC on high level plate gear slightly, and DR significantly.

Plate wearers will no longer be sitting ducks compared to silk wearers by level 65, I hope. Lowered the mana cost on wizard's magma blast slightly. Starsteel masamune is no longer class-restricted. No idea why it was in the first place. If you notice that you're not getting titles exactly every 10 levels, let me know, because it's very likely that I screwed up something minor. Fixed the display for equipped weapons to say Weapon Hand for 1-h and 2-h weapons alike, courtesy of Syntax.

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  5. Upgraded some higher level spells which I'd missed at first and thus were the same strength as level 90ish ones. Black Overlord drops a new lim instead of Rune-Etched Masamune now. Way of the trolloc is now learnable.

    About this book

    Tweaked the experience on the Dread Forest bosses. Magical items will still function within the Dismagi Caverns, excluding recall items. Paladins and necrolytes can no longer wear the Cross of Vengeance. Fixed a bug with the level 90 plate set. Tweaked the duration on way of the jaguar. Changed many of the spells which Frozen Temptress casts. Tweaked some of the new spirits, and fixed their cast messages. Upped the duration on deafening blast stun and thunderstun so they will always last 1 round.

    Removed the game limit on pink bunnies, and added a small area which regens multiples of them. There is also a Giant Pink Bunny! Spirit of the rabbit is now learnable. The death room is no longer in Southwind Dale, and the entrance to the foothills outside Southwind Dale is now level-restricted. As well, you can no longer die outside the gates of the Stronghold and be dropped in Southwind Dale before level If anyone figured out that you could, congrats for not getting caught, I suppose.

    Upgraded some of the monsters which now drop level 90 armor sets. Enpli the Mutant will no longer drop Blessed Ivory Mask. Upgraded the HP regen on Icebane Executioner. Level 90 armor sets are all now available in shops and from monsters. Made a higher-level version of moonstone medallion. Upgraded the exp on hydra. They work generally like mystic forms, and are only available from monsters.

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    Fixed some errors with Nahr's quest and with choosing your spellcasting path as an archer. The spheres Nahr summons are 1 hour regen again, and when you die in his room you will no longer port back to before the class split. Kon'Fehr Bishop is now a wanderer. Increased the drop rate on most components for Dhelvanen's quest, and made them not destroy on death anymore.

    Monsters will no longer regen in the first room above fallen angel, where Timelord used to be. The ethereal prison is part of Gnaj's Prisoner quest, so be cautious. Also, you may now walk out of the ethereal prison. Fixed some problems with monsters casting the sysop ethereal chains spell. Fixed the necro spell necromantic beam. Added a portal to Southwind Dale square. Added a pawn shop to sell sidequest rewards not align where the deed shop is normally. The Guildmaster should give rewards again starting from the lowest level requirement, regardless of what quest he says you are on.

    Magi blur and blur now cancel, as do shockshield and lightning shield. Upped magi blur by a fair bit. Raised mana costs on some mid-level spells so they scale more properly. Removed the missionary spell god's touch and made their quest spell divine intervention like templars; also made missionary healing usable by templars. Fixed some buggy messages with mystic forms. Bard-affecting stat spells are somewhat buggy and will remain so unless I can figure out a way to make them display right and remove themselves upon recasting at the same time, since I'd rather see them effective than pretty.

    Added potions of instant recall to the Southwind Dale temple. They will still fail if monsters are in the room, but can be used without a delay. Renamed the duration spells on word of recall. You can stop being idiots about it now, even if you're spelled it'll look like you're just failing over and over. Happy now? You can now go back to bosses early in the 6th quests to view dialog again, if somehow one of our users got so wasted they forgot they were supposed to read. Never happen! Fixed some problems with monsters casting neverending plague. Tweaked several mystic powers slightly, to progress more steadily and logically.

    AQ History: Weapons Release Dates

    Willpower is now Wisdom again. Tweaked the rate on dark oceanids' poison gas attack. Keys from oceanids now actually show as keys. Removed that ear-biting leaf bound scroll, which does nothing, from shops. Tweaked most of the mystic forms.