Gesellschaftliche Aspekte der Entwicklung des deutschen Buchhandels (German Edition)

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DOI: In: Journal of Cleaner Production. In: Energy, Sustainability and Society Die Governance von Anpassung und Erneuerung.

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Incumbent energy providers and the politics of the German energy transition. Science Direct Neukirch, Mario, Protests against German electricity grid extension as a new social movement? A journey into the areas of conflict. In: GAIA 22 2 , — Planung und Akteurskonstellationen der Startprojekte. In: Berliner Debatte Initial 24 1 , — Reifungsprozess und Diffusion einer neuen Technologie Zeithistorische Perspektiven. In: Berliner Debatte Initial 21 4 , — Wiesbaden: Springer VS, S. A Brief Reconstruction. In: Society 56 1. Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler, S.

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In: Nano Ethics, Online First. In: Berliner Debatte Initial 27 4 , 12— In: Soziopolis vom In: Soziologie 45 3 , — Dordrecht: Springer, S. Kernkompetenz, gesellschaftlicher Nutzen, Vermittlungswege. The works featured here include a variety of buildings, including the DVG headquarters in Hanover, a shopping and business complex in Stuttgart, and the Exhibition Hall 11 and West Entrance to the trade fair in Frankfurt, Main. Leading the way in the development of theory and the employment of technology, Hascher Jehle has been awarded numerous prizes for their use of steel, concrete, and wood, and in the field of urban development.

Baku, the cosmopolitan port city on the Caspian Sea, has built on its earlier role as an economic and cultural centre on the edge of the Caucasus. The city has been experiencing a renaissance since Azerbaijan gained independence in , after its rise at the very beginning of the twentieth century during the first oil boom. Hosting the Eurovision Song Contest brought Baku the Crystal Hall, a spectacular indoor arena at the end of the picturesque boulevard that runs along the bay. Under its three key themes - "Cosmopolis", "Metrozones" and "Cities and Climate Change"--The IBA has also given real impetus to international discussions on the future of major cities.

This book documents the projects carried out over the seven years, as well as novel approaches taken by the IBA, such as in the areas of education and participation pro-cesses, which will influence policy and everyday planning far beyond the end of the IBA in In addition, long-term partners of the IBA provide an initial summary of the current state of affairs. The book presents responses to important issues of the future, which the IBA Hamburg has chosen as its key themes: Cosmopolis--the question of coexistence in our increasingly international urban societies; Metrozones--access to conceivable new urban spaces; and the City and Climate Change--the question of sustainable solutions that combine the growth of cities and a conservational approach to our resources.

This detailed, vividly illustrated publication examines the background for each project location, presenting the tasks faced as well as the projected solutions of the IBA"--Page 4 of cover.

  • Duke George of Saxony and the Church, 1488-1525.
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Metropole: Metrozonen Book 1 edition published in in German and held by 40 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Lothar Brock, Das Veto abschaffen? Die Vereinten Nationen brauchen Reformen, in: St.

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Anthroposophy and the Politics of Race in the Fascist Era

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Hamm, Oliver G. [WorldCat Identities]

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Die Vereinten Nationen - Ein demokratisches Experiment? Verhindert oder legitimiert das Recht die Anwendung von Gewalt? Die Vereinten Nationen - ein "demokratisches Experiment"? Von der liberalen Universalpoesie zur reflexiven Friedenspolitik! Staatenordnung und Weltgesellschaft. Fragile States and Violence. The Securitization of Development. Frieden durch Recht. Ein undeutliches Signal. Wo beginnt, wo endet menschliche Sicherheit? From Democratic Peace to Democratic War?

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