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We will remember we are all connected and quite perfect as we are. We will know it was fear that made us forget and it is fear that will disappear and be forgotten. Freeing us to be who we really are. Before I could do anything with my gifts and senses, I needed to understand who I was, feel accepted and have the freedom to ask questions, get clarity, make mistakes and play.

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Fall In Love With Indigo

You believed in us enough to take this journey to come here. You come from a place where your true nature was never hidden from view. You know you are perfect; you are connected to all there is. You know we are not alone, we are not separate. You have never known fear and you are aware that is only an illusion. We need you, now. We are happy you came. This is the first time I've seen her smile in a very long time. She is more comfortable with herself than ever before.

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She now has the tools and can help herself. We all want to know the purpose of our lives and what we came here to do We long to know for certain that we are on our true path. Within each of us is a knowing, knowing of things much greater than ourselves that we long to connect with. We want certainty that we are doing all we can to live our lives to the fullest.

How can we connect to this knowing to get the answers we seek? In the deepest trance state possible, the somnambulistic trance you can bypass your conscious mind, have it step aside and allow you to connect to your Higher Self, the self that has known you for all eternity and who is connected to all that is.

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It is here you will find the answers you seek. She has trained directly with Dolores Cannon and is fully certified in this training. Sessions are in person and take 4 to 5 hours per session. I don't belong here, where did I come from and why am I here?

I value an opportunity to connect with, understand and remove limiting personal fears. Who could I be without limitations? What are the consequences of my actions in this life? Physical Reasons: I have an illness that my doctors say is all in my head! I want to cure an illness that doctors tell me can't be cured.

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I want to avoid surgery or cure a chronic condition. I have a modality that I believe is connected to another lifetime. I have nightmares and believe suppressed memories are at the source. I have a vague feeling that something important happened in this lifetime and I can't remember.

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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Loves Secrets Indigo Bookeveryone. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. For those interested in refining your indigo processing from seed to dye, coming up we will take a look at this Labor of Love, and how to make the most of your indigo harvest.

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Hello, and thanks for visiting! Please do not use my photos or any other site content without prior written permission. All photos and site content are under copyright protection and are solely my property, unless otherwise noted. Kori, this is really exciting to know you will be sharing more about your indigo work and creating space for collaboration and community conversation! Thank you for all you have done to inspire so many of us to dive headlong into this love-filled work! What an amazing feeling — I am in love with the teal to aqua colors.

Also, I was surprised to get a greenish yellow from the dye once the blue has been used up.

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Thank you for the lovely words about craft. As a new hand weaver, I completely appreciate those whom have experience and wisdom to share with me as I learn. And as new dye garden grows with indigo in it this year, we are thrilled to join the ranks of those, like us, who seek more knowledge of this mysterious and marvelous plant.

And also, is freah leaf dyeing just a simple case of indican being whipped and aerated in a blender whereby enzymatic hydrolysis to indoxyl is skipped and some of the indican is then transformed into indigotin but at a much less efficient rate than if the leaves were allowed to ferment to fully extract the indican- hydrolysis to indoxyl and glucose? And what have you seen for the lightfastness of your fresh leaf indigo dyed silks? Mine have stood up fairly well I believe.

Is it the chlorophyl combination with the indigo that gives the pretty aqua green blues? Hi, may put your blog in my list of blog links. You write beautifully and your info is good. I would love to put your work in my reference section of my blog.

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