William Tell Overture (Theme)

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So I've been bored out of my mind recently, and I asked people what music I could do. Someone suggested this, and I decided to go through with it. Even though it's not completely an original piece by Mike and Junior, I think it's one of the most well -done music pieces in the entire classic series. They did such a brilliant job making the Overture fit into the Thomas atmosphere and it works so well with their very own runaway theme.

The William Tell Overture’s Massive Pop Culture Crossover

Anyways, here's my recreation of that theme, I hope you all enjoy! Thomas and Friends is property of HiT Entertainment. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit has been, or will be, made from this. This is the most accurate recreation of this them I've heard.

Where have I heard that overture... William Tell

Sounds just like the original! William Tell Overture galluping theme bowing?

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Apr 24, 1. May 18, Evergreen, Colorado.

I didn't see this question discussed in our forum. What do you suggest for the bowing in William Tell Overture galluping theme? Our conductor cellist wants: down-down-up.

Classics 101 - 'William Tell Overture'

I seem to get a cleaner sound by bouncing down-down-down. Any suggestions are appreciated. Apr 24, 2. Apr 22, Austin, Texas.

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  • But, ultimately, you would have to defer to their judgement and that of your pricipal. Apr 24, 3.

    Upload your own music files

    Jan 29, Cincinnati, OH. Ricochet down down up and 3 ups at the end of each phrase.

    More By London Festival Orchestra

    These is the pretty standard bowing. The key to this is to not have the bow to tight, drop it on the string and pull.

    William Tell Overture Theme Ringtone and Alert

    It's not an easy bowing, and it's even harder to get clean but once you get it, it's not that bad and the effect is much better than separate or all on one bow. Apr 25, 4.